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ESPN Enters Two Hosts As Competitors In The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series

August 10, 2010 1 comment

Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg of the Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show on ESPN Radio and ESPN2 were the two late entries into the STIHL Timbersports series. Ok, so they just tried out some of the events in a Stihl Timbersports expedition on the ESPN campus.  Needless to say, from the looks of it Golic wanted to do everything and Greenberg…well, not so much.

Both hosts wanted to know why they had been sent to the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS exhibition set up in the parking lot on the campus of ESPN.

Greenberg stood in nice jeans and a button up shirt, eating a bowl of yogurt mixed with cereal. He stared at the logrolling pool, the 40-foot speed-climbing trees and lumberjacks holding axes, and asked the question aloud.

“Why am I here?”

Golic wore shorts, an Under Armour shirt and a huge smile. He was on a mission from the moment he stepped into the parking lot to find out why ESPN wouldn’t let him try any of the chopping or sawing events. Once it was confirmed that he’d only be allowed to try the logroll and speed climb, he frustratingly asked the same question.

“Why am I here? I want to use an ax.”

Full Article: Making a splash – Polar opposites Mike and Mike try their hand at a STIHL TIMBERSPORTS exhibition

STIHL’s promotional communications manager Roger Phelps (follow on twitter @uphelpsr) who was in attendance for this spectacular showing of athleticism, was kind enough to give THE BACKFILL a behind the scenes look at what he got to experience first hand on the ESPN campus.

Every now and then you get to do something with the job that is just plain fun.  That’s the way it was when we headed to ESPN Headquarters in Bristol CT to produce a special demonstration of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series. The event is part of our 25th anniversary celebration and ESPN invited STIHL to bring a demonstration to their campus to give their employees a chance to interact with their second longest running program. Joining us were STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® athletes Mike Sullivan, Dave Jewett, Will Roberts, Nathan Waterfield, Katie Rick and Shana Martin. The goal was to give the ESPN folks a taste of all the disciplines featured in the show.

ESPN rolled out the welcome mat, flying our flag center of campus and publicizing the event with signs and intra-office emails. Our first guest was the team of the Mike & Mike morning show. Mike Golic and Mike Green watched the demonstrations, provided commentary on the skill of the athletes, and then got in to the action taking on the speed climb and log roll. Both commentators had a great time getting involved in the events, and walked away with a new found respect for the competitors in the sport.

Our film crews were on site and clips can be seen at or our Facebook page. We will also be incorporating elements of this event into our show that will air in September.

In the afternoon we set up demos and interactive event for the ESPN staff. STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Competitors demonstrated their skills across the eight disciplines while taking questions from the crowd about their equipment, training regimen, and the development of the sport over the years. We later opened up the venue to the large crowd of ESPN staff to attempt the different disciplines for themselves while learning more about the techniques of the sport. staff joined us as well and took on the log roll challenge.

We want to thank everyone who helped make this event possible including our production teams of Granite State Lumberjack Shows, Lumberjack Sports International and JM Associates. And of course our sincere thanks to our great hosts at ESPN.


Not only did Roger give us that take but he even spent a few minutes with us to answer 5 questions for a BACKFILL interview. 

1)  What is the best thing about the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series and why should people tune in or make it to an event?

It really is the original extreme sports. I mean you can just imagine two lumberjacks sitting around the camp 100 years ago and saying “bet I can chop that log faster than you.” The thing I love about the sport is that the competitors are still doing it just for the love of the sport. While the prize money is good, they all have normal jobs and don’t make the millions that most professional sports do. I think that is what attracts fans to them. They are still real.

2) Who is your favorite STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series competitor, and why?

Nice try. There is no way you are getting me to go there! They are all great folks, and as the organizer I am completely impartial and have no favorites.

3) If you were putting together a team, what STIHL TIMBERSPORT Series discipline would Golic and Greenberg anchor for your team?

I would have Greenberg supplying the athletes with water. He didn’t seem comfortable with participating. Golic on the other hand would probably be my single bucker. He has the meat and the power.

4) Which Mike would you want to sit down and have a beer with and which Mike would win at “words with friends”?

I would really like to learn more about Golic’s sports career and what he is doing now. Greenberg appears to be a bit more cerebral, so he is my scrabble man.

5)What STIHL product should every man and woman have in their garage?

STIHL KombiSystem. 11 tools, one power head. Can’t go wrong there.

Bonus question: What blog is a must read for you, and what do you like best about it?; this may or may not be a loaded question.

For balanced journalism and objective product reviews, I would think that there really is only one choice, THE BACKFILL

Follow Roger Phelps on Twitter for outstanding STIHL information and news and join the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Facebook page.

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Do Yourself A Favor!

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Social Media For Businesses Is Like Betting On A Long Shot Thoroughbred

February 15, 2010 5 comments

We have been getting asked a lot lately, “is social media working for you?” or “is social media worth the time and money you invest?” We really don’t have an answer for these questions, because social media is still such a young division in our business.

But when we actually thought about it for a minute we have decided that social media for businesses is like betting on a long shot at the horse track.  You don’t really know if it is going to be worth the small investment, but if it turns out a winner you are looking good and will be ahead of the game.  Social media doesn’t take a big financial investment, but it does take time.  So like betting on long shots, it might be worth that small investment in hopes that you find a diamond in the rough.  That is why Aztec Rental got into the social media world.  We want to take every opportunity to get in front of our customers to help and inform them and hopefully gain some new customers along the way. 

Then came the “what opportunities are out there for businesses in social media?” and “what kind of followers should we target?” questions.  The following is our thoughts and what we have learned so far.

Social Media Opportunities

First, which is the main reason why businesses are in social media is the opportunity to reach your companies target market.  Aztec Rental took on social media with the idea of giving our customers another avenue to get informed and learn, with the hopes of gaining some customers with the quality of information we put out.  But, we quickly learned that if you are not a national or international brand getting “customers” to follow your company in a social media style platform is very tough to accomplish. Nobody wants to follow a company that constantly and only puts out advertisements.   So, finding that happy medium of information, specials and company promotions that “customers” are happy with is the goal.  We still don’t know what that formula is, so we are all ears for anyone with suggestions!

Second, there is a huge opportunity to form business to business relationships.  Most people don’t even think of this angle when joining the Twitter, Facebook, and blog universe, we sure didn’t.  It is almost like a bonus, because most companies are just targeting their end user when they are thinking of going viral.  Social media opens doors that were not possible or really feasible before the social media phenomenon hit.  Your company can compare notes, ideas and suggestions with businesses in your industry or field that are thousands of miles away or possibly in another country.  Not to mention, you probably didn’t even know this company existed before.   What a great tool to utilize and a fantastic way to make your company better.  The chance to pick the brain of other business owners for how they run day to day operations, policies or thoughts that you could implement to help your company grow, run smoother, or be even more impactful and affect your bottom line, hard to put a value on that. 

The last big opportunity social media gives business is the ability to stay informed and gather news.  You can learn more about current events, news from your industry, and updates relevant to your company with one hour of social media scanning than you can in day of watching the national news.  Not to mention, you will know about any big news or any new products or updates that are coming out from your competitors.  That is a nice little nugget of information, to be able to see what is going on with other businesses that might have an impact on your company.  So, even if opportunities one and two are not working for you, keep in mind you can always stay informed with the use of social media.

Types of Followers

We have learned there are two schools of thought on this. The first thought is, you only want quality followers that are relevant to your industry or field.  The second way to look at it is we don’t care how or why, we want as many followers as we can possibly get.  We think that it depends on who you are and what your company is or does that will dictate what kind of followers you want.  If you are using social media to aim at a specific target market and only want to reach this specific market than we think the first school of thought is for you.  You might not want to accept any and everybody to follow the information you or your company puts out. 

If you are a retailer or service base business the second style is probably the way to go.  It doesn’t really matter how people find you, or why they are following you as long as they follow.  If you put out a piece of information that catches the eye of someone that is following you, that you probably would not have targeted, you just gained a customer.  In return, that customer might forward the information on to their followers and you could possible net a few customers out of one piece of information.  Basically, the more eyes you can get on your company is never a bad thing, regardless of the how or why.

So, does social media work? Is your business getting a big enough return on the time and money you are investing in it?  

I guess the answer is, after putting in the time from everything mentioned above let’s hope our long shot pony has a great late kick. At least, the jury is still out on the actual monetary value that is possible to receive on it.  We think each company will have to place their own value on what return your company gets from the business relationships that you build.

Note: We know of a couple of people/businesses that are researching the topic, and we will link their findings when they are available.

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