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What Is The Right Size & Model STIHL Product For You?

April 30, 2010 1 comment

Looking to buy a STIHL chainsaw, trimmer, blower or other outdoor power product and have no idea how to decide on what the right size and model is right for you?

Don’t get all bent out of shape, we are here to help!  There are a few ways to go about tackling this issue and feeling good about the product you select.

Option #1)  If you are in the greater Houston area go to either of Aztec Rental’s locations and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help put you on the correct equipment for your needs and application.  If you are not in Houston go to your local STIHL dealer and our guess is they will have someone who knows STIHL products as well. 

*NOTE – You will not find any STIHL products in any “box stores” (ie. Home Depot & Lowes)!  Why? Great question! Check out the answer here.

Option #2) On the STIHL website they provide a great product selector tool.  All you have to do is answer a few questions about what application you want to use the product for and BOOM, it spits out a few suggestions of models and sizes that will be right for you.  Then you call up Aztec Rental or your local dealer and tell us what product you want and we will have it serviced and ready for you to pick up at your convience!

Here is the link:  STIHL Interactive Product Selectors

Now take a deep breath, relax and feel confident now that you know Aztec Rental and Stihl will put you on the right outdoor power equipment for YOU!

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Stihl Catalog – The Virtual Showroom

March 4, 2010 6 comments

We understand that it is not always easy or you don’t have enough time to get into Aztec Rental, where you can see our Stihl display and all of the outdoor power equipment – but we got you covered.  Below are pictures of our showroom. 

You’re Welcome.

Now, as always we are here to help!  We have two alternate options for you, if you can’t make it into the store, that will give you the proper information and research tools to find the Stihl product that is right for you.

[Option 1] – Stihl exclusive site, that acts as the catalog with any and all information.  You can even select and buy Stihl products online, and we will have them serviced and ready for pick up at your convenience. [Click Here]

[Option 2] – Online catalog, which is just the virtual version of the catalog you would get when you come to Aztec Rental.  Take a look at it, then contact us with any questions. [Click Here]


[Exclusive Stihl Site]
[Online Stihl Catalog]

STIHL in “Box Stores” – Negative Ghost Rider

February 1, 2010 12 comments

Ever wonder why you have never seen STIHL, the number 1 selling brand of chain saws, in Home Depot, Lowe’s or any other “box store”?

Well we actually get this question all the time, and I am sure STIHL gets the same one.

Question: Can I buy STIHL chain saws or any of their products in Lowe’s or Home Depot or any other “box store”?
Answer: NO, and has always been NO.

As a STIHL Dealer this answer is one of the many things we love about Stihl as a brand and company. The Mega Company probably has many reasons for this decision, but as we understand it, it comes down to one basic point. STIHL was built on quality, performance, dependability and innovation, so without knowledgeable people selling, servicing and giving product demonstrations to the end user, that foundation has a chance to lose its luster. This line of thought is why you can only buy STIHL products from certified dealers like Aztec Rental.

All STIHL dealers have to have on staff, employees that have been through numerous training levels for service and sales of all STIHL products, and must keep these certificates current. So when you come to Aztec Rental or any other STIHL dealer to purchase a STIHL product you get the knowledge of each product inside and out. Basically, we don’t think STIHL wants to put their product out, unless the people or company selling to the end user can represent their product as they would. Knowing how to service, operate, demonstrate, as well as know all the features, benefits and safety instructions is a must before it sold and handed over to the end user.

Combine that knowledge with experience and customer service, and you will get the product and model that is right for you. Not to mention before you walk out the door you will feel like a seasoned veteran, on the operation and product use.

Wouldn’t you know it that is what Aztec Rental was built on; Knowledge, experience and Customer Service!

This is a ad that you may have seen before that STIHL runs:

Bottom line, STIHL is recognized as one of Americas Greatest Brands, and that was done by no accident. Aztec Rental is proud to partner with STIHL and can guarantee you with our customer service, experience and knowledge combined with the Quality, Performance, and innovation from STIHL; you will be happy and productive with your purchase.

[STIHL Outdoor Power Equipment]
[America’s Greatest Brands] Case Study on STIHL

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