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Hunting Season: When Life Long Memories Are Made

November 3, 2010 14 comments

You have been preparing all off-season with land improvements, new blinds, scouting, setting management goals or getting your new lease lined up.  Now the time is here, where the work ends and the fun begins, Hunting Season!

I LOVE hunting season!  

The interesting thing is, the reason i love it has changed, which i am sure it does for everyone at some point.  The cause of this revelation has to be the absolute best and most rewarding part of this sport.  I still love the basics: being in the outdoors, watching wildlife,  and the thrill of the hunt, but now i find myself enjoying a different aspect the most, camaraderie. 

The special times and experiences shared and memories that are made with friends and family on each hunting trip – that’s where the money is at.  Don’t get me wrong, i have always enjoyed the camaraderie and stories (what happens in hunting camp stays in hunting camp), but now there is a huge addition to the camaraderie factor.  My son.

Spending time with my son at a hunting camp and in a hunting blind is unmatched.  There are no tv’s, video games, computers or work just me and him with nature mixed in.  The moments we have together from the “talks” we have or the experiences we go through mean more to me than he will ever know.  The chance to teach and pass down traditions, the way my father did with me, and sharing moments just between the two of us are times and memories we both will never forget.  My personal favorite is how many times i smile and laugh at things he does,  the comments he makes and his interaction with other family and friends in such an open forum. For those that have or are experiencing this remarkable father & child time  I don’t have to tell you how fulfilling it is, for those that havent, just wait.

“Hunting Season” means much more than a regulated time to hunt- its friends, family and life long memories.

Good luck this year and we want to remind you that SAFETY is ALWAYS the most important tool and ingredient to fun and successful hunting trips.  So, make sure you practice and teach the safe and correct way to handle firearms and proper hunting practices.

The 10 Commandments In Firearm Safety
Safety Tips From Texas Parks & Wildlife

Hunting is a sport, and a necessity to ensure the balance between humans and wildlife. Without regulated hunting, this balance would be upset and cause an over population of wildlife that would be detrimental to our Eco-system and ultimately increase the possibilities of disease.  But remember hunting is a PRIVILEGE,  not a shooting gallery where you can harvest as many animals as you want.  There are rules and restrictions, and they are there for a reason, FOLLOW THEM!

The two most important are Hunters Education and the season & bag limits.

Texas Hunter’s Education: The Who & Why
2010 Texas Hunting Seasons & Bag limits

Quality equipment is the key to accomplish a less “work” and more “play” hunting trip.  Knowing you have feeders that will work and be ready to go on your arrival makes for a hassle free trip.  Before you ask, yes, you still have to put in a little work and fill these feeders, but All Seasons Feeders are the way to go.

Aztec Rental is a full line dealer for All Seasons Feeders.  From protein feeders and broadcast feeders to road feeders, we have the feeder to fit your needs. All Seasons Wildlife Feeders are constructed to withstand the harshest environments Mother Nature can create. Their premiere designs are made to deliver feed to specific animals, while decreasing waste to varmints and weather.

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Texas Trophy Hunters – 2010 Hunters Extravaganza Is Right Around The Corner

July 7, 2010 1 comment


Try out the latest deer hunting equipment, hunting accessories, hunting clothing, rifles, knives, archery & other exciting hunting gear.

San Antonio – Alamodome  July 9-11, 2010
Houston – Reliant Center  August 6-9, 2010
Ft. Worth – Will Rogers Center August 20-22, 2010

[2010 Hunters Extravaganza Information]
[Texas Trophy Hunters]
[All Seasons Feeders]

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Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA) Scholarships Deadline Nearing

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Don’t miss your chance at $20,000 worth of scholarships

Applications for $20,000 in scholarships from the 10th Annual Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA)  Wildlife Conservation College Scholarship Program, sponsored by Carter’s Country Outdoor Stores and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Texas, are due March 1.

 Learn more from Texas Wildlife Association.

[ TBGA Scholarship Eligibility]

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