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Are You Ready For Some Houston Texans Football

September 8, 2010 25 comments


This is our favorite time of the year. Football season is here, throw in the fact that hunting season is upon us as well and you have the perfect storm for outdoors and sports enthusiasts.

This past weekend College Football cranked up and it did not disappoint. There were upsets, nail-biters and the BCS already has a problem on their hands with Boise State knocking off Virginia Tech. Great start to the NCAA Football season, oh and not to mention, Texas A&M won!

The NFL starts up this weekend, actually tomorrow and all we can say is – it’s about time!

Now, it is no secret we are BIG Houston Texans fans and we are expecting a lot out of them this year. So we wanted to do a big post about our predictions and what we think needs to happen for them to have a good year and solidify the Texans first playoff berth. Then we found an article titled “Our Year” on Houston Press that did the job for us. Why write something on your own when you can just steal it, right?

Written by Sean Pendergast, (great Twitter follow @SeanCablinasian) a weekly contributor to Houston Press and one half of the Sean & John Show on 1560 The Game, “Our Year” puts the Texans Franchise and the 2010 season in perspective.

With a little history:

There’s certainly been plenty of hand-wringing and talk-radio angst over the Texans’ 49-79 record. But fans cast their votes on the team by spending money on game tickets and parking and food and gear. And the fans are still showing up.

Amazingly, they have shown up despite the following historical data. (Warning: If you love the Texans, these numbers will test that love.)

• At no point in their history have the Texans been three games over .500. Ever. Translation: Texans fans have not, for even one week, had a tangible reason to feel great about this team.

• In the eight years the Texans have been in existence, they’ve been over .500 for a total of 11 weeks. That’s it. Peyton Manning had that knocked out in one season by Thanksgiving last year. Translation: Texans fans can practically count on both hands the number of weeks they could even feel slightly good about this team.

• Since 2002, the Texans’ first season in the NFL, every team has made playoffs except for three: the Buffalo Bills, the Detroit Lions and your Houston Texans. Translation: It’s never good to be mentioned with the Detroit Lions in any sentence.

The Pendergast Method:

So now it’s on to the 2010 season. If indeed the Texans are going to make the playoffs, let’s roll with the assumption that they’ll need to go 10-6, something they haven’t done in franchise history. Appropriately enough, in a season in which they have to shatter precedent, the schedule includes five of the six teams that the Texans have never beaten in their eight years in the league — Baltimore, the New York Jets, Philadelphia, San Diego and Washington. (Minnesota is the sixth team; it’s probably a good thing they don’t get a crack at all six.)

The Texans’ overall record against the slate of opponents they’ll face in 2010 is 22-55 (and 13-35 against their division opponents, whom they will obviously face twice).

Being a Texans believer in 2010 involves a lot of blind faith. Can the Texans finish 10-6? Sure, they can. In breaking down the schedule, I have a little thing that I call the Pendergast Bucket Theory, wherein I categorize each game, putting them into three probability buckets. They are as follows:

To a 10-6 Houston Texans Record:

So where do the games on the 2010 slate stack up in the Pendergast Bucket Theory? Glad you asked, young grasshopper. Here you go:

Must wins, 6: @ Oakland, vs New York Giants, vs Kansas City, vs Tennessee, @ Denver, vs Jacksonville

Coin flippers, 7: vs Indianapolis, @ Washington, vs Dallas, vs San Diego, @ Jacksonville, vs Baltimore, @ Tennessee

Steals, 3: @ Indianapolis, @ New York Jets, @ Philadelphia

So the formula to get to the postseason is pretty simple — the Texans need to go 5-1 against the “must wins” (easily the part of the formula with which I’m most uncomfortable; none of those games are lay-ups), 4-3 in the “coin flippers” (split the home games, split Jacksonville and Tennessee on the road, beat Washington — very doable) and win a “steal” game (I’ll go with Philly as the most likely).

If the Texans follow that formula, that equates to 10-6, which would have been good enough for a playoff berth in 2009. (Of course, in 2008, 11-5 wasn’t good enough for the Patriots to make it, but that’s because San Diego won the AFC West with an 8-8 record. That’s obviously not the case this season; 10-6 should get it done.)

It is a fantastic article and a MUST read for Houston Texans fans, for all football fans for that matter. To be honest, in an effort of holding up the integrity of this blog, anything we would have put together on the subject wouldn’t hold a candle to “Our Year” Will The Texans Make It To Playoffs. Great job Pendergast – we don’t think it could be said or broken down any better.

So go read it! It will make a Houston Texans believer out of you…or give you ammunition for the “how they will not make the playoffs, again” argument. Either way, we highly recommend it!

Click Here for full article: “Our Year” Will Texans Make It To Playoffs?

Not to completely ride the coattails of Sean, here is THE BACKFILL’s record prediction for the 2010 Houston Texans:

1 Sun, Sep 12th, 2010 Indianapolis Win

2 Sun, Sep 19th, 2010 at Washington Win

3 Sun, Sep 26th, 2010 Dallas Win

4 Sun, Oct 3rd, 2010 at Oakland Win

5 Sun, Oct 10th, 2010 NY_Giants Loss

6 Sun, Oct 17th, 2010 Kansas_City Win

7 Bye

8 Mon, Nov 1st, 2010 at Indianapolis Loss

9 Sun, Nov 7th, 2010 San_Diego Win

10 Sun, Nov 14th, 2010 at Jacksonville Loss

11 Sun, Nov 21st, 2010 at NY_Jets Loss

12 Sun, Nov 28th, 2010 Tennessee Win

13 Thu, Dec 2nd, 2010 at Philadelphia Win

14 Mon, Dec 13th, 2010 Baltimore Loss

15 Sun, Dec 19th, 2010 at Tennessee Win

16 Sun, Dec 26th, 2010 at Denver Win

17 Sun, Jan 2nd, 2011 Jacksonville Win

That’s right…no miss print, your Houston Texans are going 11-5 this year and taking a franchise first playoff spot! You heard it here first.

Sean Pendergast article [“Our Year”]
2010 AFC Champs [Houston Texans]
Twitter Feeds: Sean Pendergast [@SeanCablinasian] and we have to give out the 2nd half of the Sean & John Show, John Harris [@jharrisfootball] he is another great follow, highly skilled and educated on NFL and NCAA Football.

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Super Bowl XLIV Best Commercials

February 8, 2010 1 comment

OK “best” might be a stretch. Let’s chalk it up to the economy for the weak ads this year.

Bad economy equals not as many players spending money.

Note: economy doesn’t affect creativity.

In no particular order, the top 4 ads in our mind.

E Trade – Baby First Class. New material for marketing home run, etrade baby.

Doritos – Dont Touch My Momma. Now thats funny.

Budweiser – Human Bridge. Pretty clever.

Bud Light – Book Club. Would you stay?

Notables: as said before economy caused fewer companies to spend, so we get some of the same brands here.

E Trade – Baby’s girlfriend

Doritos – Dog Collar. Tell us you didn’t at least smile.

Supposed banned ads: Now these are are good.

Bud Light Clothing Drive. Great!

KGB – You dont know what you are talking about.

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A Legend Born Again…Again?

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment
brett favre

Walking Away?


I don’t under stand why so many people want him gone from the game.    

Even with the lust affair that ESPN and most of the broadcasters have for the man, all the flip-flopping, and all the camera shots of Deanna Favre, you can’t tell me you don’t love to watch #4 play the game.  He plays it the right way, appears to absolutely love the game and his teammates, and either way (for or against) he will do something spectacular!That was one hell of a performance the 40-year-old “old man” put on this year and in the NFC Championship game! He even caped it off with the Favre signature, as he did as a Packer & Jet, the last pass he threw was an INT.    

Love him or hate him,  fan or not a fan, one thing you have to admit, Brett Favre is one tough SOB! If you saw the press conference after the game the dude looked like he was 60.  He had a nice limp going, probably had some bruised if not cracked ribs and his face looked like it had a couple of encounters with 250lbs NFL linebackers.  Oh wait it did…repeatedly.      

Brett Favre and the Vikings should have rolled and won that game running away.  His last interception did not “lose” the game, it took away a shot to win the game right there, but he did not lose the game.  Maybe some ball handling had something to do with it. Six fumbles in a game that puts you in the Super Bowl…Really?    

In the words of the talented Larry Platt:   

“Balls on the Ground, Balls on the ground,  Looking like a fool with your balls on the ground!”   

Even with that, the Vikings almost doubled the Saints in every stat category.  But, as they say it’s not how “it” is done, it is if “it” is done, and Brett Favre couldn’t finish the “if”.  So is he coming back?   

He started EVERY game for 19 years, and those are NFL games not pop warner.  Brett Favre had 4,202 yards, 33TD’s, 7 int’s and a passer rating of 107.2 in 2009, his best season ever?  He was arguably one of the top 3 quarterbacks this year. He produced the most watched cable televsion show in history earlier this year when he played the Green Bay Packers.  You want that gone? I am sure the NFL doesn’t.    

Is this it? Is it finally over? I for one, sure hope not. I would love to watch the 40-year-old “gun slinger” have another run at a ring. 

Just wanted my two cents worth on Brett Favre. 

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