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Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power Upgrades Warranty Policy For Vanguard Line

July 22, 2010 21 comments

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power looking to get ahead, with a global change in the warranty policy for their Vanguard line. 

Vanguard™ Leads Industry with Global, Three-Year Commercial Limited Warranty (July 1, 2010)


July 1, 2010

Media Contact: Jeff Salem, 402-437-6409


Vanguard™ Leads Industry with Global, Three-Year Commercial Limited Warranty

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power announces that Vanguard™ air-cooled gasoline engines entering the market worldwide as of July 1, 2010, will feature a three-year commercial limited warranty.  

This benchmark makes Briggs & Stratton the only manufacturer of small, commercial engines to offer a three-year limited warranty on a global scale for a full horsepower range.

“Vanguard engines are used to power a wide range of equipment in all types of job site environments around the world,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager with Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “With such a strong track record of performance and reliability, increasing Vanguard’s warranty was an easy decision. It’s another way we can provide meaningful business solutions to our commercial customers.”

 Briggs & Stratton’s global, three-year warranty for Vanguard engines is a result of listening to the needs of its customers. In today’s global marketplace, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) routinely distribute their products to multiple regions of the world. For these OEMs, a single, global warranty is the logical way to provide marketing and product support consistency.

 Briggs & Stratton is also committed to leading the industry in warranty support systems. The new Vanguard warranty is backed by the Briggs & Stratton global service network. This network is equipped with a 24-hour parts support system and electronic claims filing to expedite parts delivery and warranty payment.

 “Time is money for our commercial customers,” said Roche. “Our warranty and support systems are built to get equipment back on the job site as quickly as possible.”

 The new three-year limited warranty covers Vanguard air-cooled, gasoline engines installed on commercial equipment with the exception of home standby generators and utility vehicles, which are covered under their own specific warranties. The warranty covers engines on equipment in dealer or OEM inventory that that is put into service on or after July 1, 2010.

About Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power is a leading provider of commercial power solutions. The Vanguard engine family is the company’s premier line of engines and includes single-cylinder engines from 2.4 to 15 gross horsepower, Vanguard V-Twin horizontal and vertical engines from 14 to 23 gross horsepower, and Vanguard air-cooled V-Twin BIG BLOCK engines from 25 to 35 gross horsepower (horizontal) and 28-36 gross horsepower (vertical). All Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power engines are backed by a network of thousands of Authorized Commercial Service Centers worldwide. For more information on the BIG BLOCK air-cooled V-twin engines, or any engines in the Vanguard commercial engine line from Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power, visit Vanguard Commercial Power website.

 Click for Briggs & Stratton Engine Owner Warranty Policy

Vangaurd engines can be found on many types of equipment, including Ferris Commercial Mowers.  So, landscapers and acreage owners looking for a quality mower with independent suspension that just got better, may we suggest the Ferris Line to you.

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Suspension On Zero Turn Mowers, It’s A No Brainer

February 23, 2010 13 comments

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to drive a zero turn mower, but it sure would be less painful if you were for most zero turn mowers. Operators that run zero turn mowers for cities, landscape companies, commercial cutters or acreage owners know what we are talking about. Running a fixed frame zero turn for 6 to 8 hours a day, everyday is very taxing on the body, especially the lower back. Anyone that has operated these units for that long has felt this in some way, shape, or form. Even mowing you own lawn for 2 to 3 hours once a week I am sure you have felt like you have gone a few rounds in a boxing ring when you get off.

Landscape companies, commercial cutters and acreage owners there is a way to remedy this problem, oh and not to mention INCREASE productivity. For company owners this means less time your guys are on each job, which translates to more jobs and a healthier bottom line. Acreage owners you can decrease the time you are spending on you lawns exponentially. I don’t know of any company or person that doesn’t look for more efficient ways to do business or get jobs done.

The solution for the pain and increased productivity is very simple; the Ferris Zero Turn Mower with its patented independent suspension system.

How much faster, more productive and more efficient would you or your employees be if you were operating a much smoother machine? There would be no more slowing down to compensate for all of the different terrain variations. You would mow over these same areas carrying the same ground speed at all times, unlike before when you would slow down to negotiate these obstacles. Operators would not feel like they have been beat with a sledge-hammer every time they get off the machine, which makes it that much easier for them to go to work each day.


No matter if you’re a professional cutter, weekend warrior or discriminating buyer, Ferris zero-turn mowers with suspension will give you a measurable improvement in your mowing efficiency. The smooth ride will enable you to get more done in less time than conventional mowers. A Ferris mower can help you finish your job faster, boost your productivity and produce beautiful results.

Ferris zero-turn mowers are the only commercial mowers that feature a suspension system that was developed by engineers with landscape contractors’ needs in mind. We didn’t just mask operating vibration with a special seat. These mowers were built from the ground up to be the hardest working and smoothest riding in the industry. Operators experience less fatigue while tackling tough jobs. Our patented suspension technology provides exclusive benefits that maximize productivity for years to come.


PRODUCTIVITY: The benefits of Ferris suspension add up to increased productivity for you. The more productive you can be the more time you will save and the more money you can make.

SPEED: Many operators are not aware that they slow down to compensate for uneven terrain – until they test-drive a Ferris with suspension. Insulated from these effects, the operator naturally increases speed, taking full advantage of available horsepower. The result: More acres per hour and more money in your pocket.

CONSISTENCY OF CUT: The mower deck follows the movement of the wheels and the flow of the terrain. The result is a beautiful, consistent cut.

EXTENDED MOWER LIFE: Suspension also benefits the chassis by reducing shock load. Our frame rails are made of much heavier material because we do not rely on frame flex to keep all four wheels on the ground. As a result, a mower with suspension will last longer and require fewer repairs than a similar non-suspension mower.

COMFORT: Ferris’ exclusive suspension system absorbs the shocks and vibrations that cause operator fatigue. The increased comfort translates to operator satisfaction and increased productivity.

So How Does It Work?

The Ferris patented suspension system allows each wheel to move up and down independently smoothing out uneven turf. The deck of the mower works in conjunction with the suspension system

to provide a consistent cut. This system virtually eliminates shock to the chassis, resulting in superior operator comfort, increased mowing speeds, stability and extended mower life.

Take a look at this video.

Like every commercial mowing innovation, the success of suspension depends on its value to the landscape contractor. But, get any five owners of Suspension mowers together and ask them what they find appealing, and you’ll get five different answers. Suspension offers multiple benefits to the landscaper. This, perhaps more than anything, has made the advent of Suspension, not just an innovation, but a revolution in commercial mowing.

There you have it, so anybody against less mowing time, increased jobs, or a healthier bottom line?  Probably not, so get off your fixed frame unit and check out the Ferris mower line, which can make this happen for you.

[Productivity Calculator] – plug your numbers in, and see for yourself what kind of money can be saved.
[Ferris Mower Models] – zero turn mowers and walk behind units

Ferris Industries Contest

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment


Ferris Industries is putting on a contest that will get you or your company a nice feature article on the Ferris Industries website.

Tell us your success story involving your Ferris mower. If we select you and your story as the “Feature of the Month”, we will publish your story on the Ferris Industries’ website and send you a Ferris sports jacket. Be sure to e-mail your size and phone number along with your story to:

So if you own a Ferris it will be worth your while to enter.  Additional advertising is always a good thing.

If you don’t own a Ferris, it might be a good time to start looking into the benefits and what Ferris mowers can do for your company.

[Ferris Mowers]
[Ferris Contest]

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Going Green? Ferris IS3100 Propane Mower

January 27, 2010 236 comments

Landscapers: Get A Leg Up On Your Competition. 

Landscapers have you been thinking about going green? Maybe you have some clients that have started asking you about alternative fuels.          

We have a few of our landscape customers that have told us, that some jobs they are bidding will only accept bids from companies that can do the job with “greener” equipment.          

Here is an option to help you get those customers: The Ferris IS3100 Propane Zero Turn Mower         

Ferris Propane Mower; Going Green

Ferris IS3100ZPBV3261

Print a Brochure         

Now we are not saying you need to come to Aztec Rental right now and change you entire fleet out to Propane powered units (although we would greatly appreciate it).  What we are saying is that you might want to think about getting at least one for your fleet, so you have a leg up on your competition.    

How does it get you ahead? I am sure you can think of some reasons, but here are 4 simple ones:   

1) You will be able to bid on those jobs that are requiring “greener” equipment   

2) You can advertise that you are doing your part and have “green” equipment, which can be very attractive to some clients.     

3) Some of you may know,  but many cities have “Ozone Action Days” which bans the use of gasoline fueled commercial mowers before 1:00 P.M.  Your company might have fallen victim to this and your business has been shut down during this time. The Ferris propane powered IS® 3100ZP meets all emission requirements by the Environmental Protection Agency, and will keep you operational during “Ozone Action Days.”         

4) As we all know there is always talk about more EPA “standards” or “greener” requirements being put into action, so be a ahead of the game and think about instituting a propane powered unit into your fleet.       

There is also a bonus benifit for those of you in Texas.  I am not sure how many other states are doing this but worth the research to find out.  Texas Clean Cities is offering rebates to landscapers who purchase propane powered lawn mowers.  The rebate can reach as much as $2,500 per unit.  Think of the savings this gives you on the purchase price of one of these units. 

Commercial Propane Mower – [guidelines]
Commercial Propane Mower Rebates – [ Frequently Asked Questions

Ferris propane power mowers paired with Ferris’ patented suspension technology, with all of the benefits we just mentioned makes this machine a very attractive package!     


  •  895cc Vanguard BIG BLOCK V-Twin, which is only engine the industry that is designed specifically for propane use. The Briggs Big Block is a total dedicated propane engine with specially hardened valves to with stand the higher octain of propane fuel.
  •  Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ engines are designed to meet the proposed 2012 EPA emission standards.
  •  This Propane engine produces 30% fewer smog forming emissions.
  •  Carburetor designed specifically for Propane use
  •  Fuel system designed to conform to NFPA 58 – 2002
  • Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ quality and durability with 2-year commercial warranty
  •  Provides automotive-like starting with NO need for a choke lever, with Ready Start™ technology
  •  Specially designed with Vapor withdrawal fuel tanks to insure consistent and hassle free operation, superior to Liquid withdrawal systems
  •  Fans mounted on top of hydro pumps assist in cooling of pump and repelling debris.
  •  Easy access oil drain for ease of maintenance.


[Ferris Independent Suspension System] 
[Ferris Productivity Calculator] 
[All Ferris Models]

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B20 BioDiesel Approved for use In Ferris IS5100 Mower

January 26, 2010 7 comments

B20 BioDiesel Approved For Use with Ferris IS 5100Z Models with the 33.5 Caterpillar diesel engine.

The Ferris IS 5100Z powered by a 33.5-hp (model 3013C) Caterpillar diesel engine can now utilize B20 Biodiesel as an acceptable fuel source. The approval follows successful testing that was performed by Caterpillar. The results of those tests indicated trouble-free operation. The IS 5100Z features an environmentally-friendly sound package designed to absorb and reduce engine noise for improved operator and bystander comfort.

“This announcement is another example of Ferris’ commitment to innovation,” said Bill Shea, Vice President of Sales & Marketing Commercial Products for the Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group. “Now we are able to offer our customers yet another alternative fuel option.”

[Ferris IS5100 Mower]

Full Ferris Industries Press Release.

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