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Apparently Health Care Is A BIG Deal

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Our friends over at FamousDc are on top of it again!

FamousDc wants to know..

Is Washing Your Mouth Out with Soap Part of the New Health Care Law?

V.P, Biden drops F bomb at podium.  Advisory: Explicit Lyrics

Nice, stay classy!

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February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Backfilled:  A recognition of people or companies  that have linked us, tweeted about us, or mentioned us.  Want to get your website or blog on The Backfill?  Just link our posts, website or even retweet our posts and tell everyone how awesome we are. Rocket science it is not, but the awesome part is a requirement!

Basically, we just want to say thanks and maybe put in a good word for you. 

[FamousDC] – We think FamousDC should be in charge of Facebook regulations!
     1) Facebook Abuse: there is a link for this on the home page, that is how serious it is. 
     2) Doppelgänger Week on Facebook: funny, and true.

[Whitetail Domains] – Learn about wildlife management.

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FamousDC We Apoligize and Thank You

January 27, 2010 3 comments

We hope FamousDC shows a little mercy on us!

Just found out that linked one of our posts to their site.

So we would like to APOLOGIZE to FamousDC for not recognizing this earlier and say THANK YOU for the love!

Synopsis of  (we did a little poking around, after we got our heads out of the sand):

FamousDC will keep you up to date of all things worthy from Capitol Hill. 

NO WORRIES: No need for a suite and tie. Not your typical political jargon site, it’s more politics with a twist of humor. They give you news, updates and any/all shenanigans from washington.  great site!

Famous DC covers the famous-for-DC intersection of politics, media and sports.

Whether you’re heading to the water cooler, power lunching at the Cap Grille, or leaving the office early for Cantina Marina – get your talking points here.

[FamousDC on Twitter]

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