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Ain’t No Party Like A Social Media Party!

September 8, 2010 7 comments

Pretty sure that statement isn’t true but we are going with it for the purposes of this post.

We were approached by Rental Management, the official magazine of the American Rental Association, about writing an article on our social media efforts.  We are happy to say, Rental Management thought enough of the article we put together to publish the piece in the September issue of Rental Management.

For your pleasure…or maybe ours, here is a section and the link to the full article on

For the past few years, Aztec Rental Center, a construction equipment rental company in Houston, has been looking for innovative and cost effective ways to increase sales and drive more traffic to our website. In doing so, we’ve learned that leveraging different mediums and joining conversations already taking place online can fill this need and produce continued success. The proper kind of attention and exposure gives you the opportunity to promote your company and inform current and potential customers about your business.

In order for a company to advance, you must adapt — and quickly. The explosion of social media in the past few years means information is constantly at your fingertips, but it also means what was news three hours ago is often times no longer relevant. Regardless of whether or not social mediums like Facebook are around 10 years from now, right now they’re effective tools for spreading your message and, even better, they’re free.

The purpose of viral marketing is to create a symbiotic relationship between an organization and its community. In the past, many establishments have been apprehensive to use sites such as Facebook and blogs as they offer no real unit of measurement in regard to the effectiveness of a specific campaign or overall success of any particular marketing strategy. However, the rapid shift to social media websites to market and promote products, causes and companies has made the presence on such media a necessity. As viral marketing has become more pronounced, it is important to focus on why it exists and, more importantly, how to develop your message and tools to make the most of this new medium.

Read the full article: The Blog Approach

Special thanks to Rental Management and the ARA for enjoying our blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page and spreading the word of how awesome we are!


Rental Management Follows Rental Pulse With A New Look Website

June 8, 2010 1 comment

The facelift is an effort to be more user friendly and meet the needs of their readers and advertisers. 

Nice Job RMGroup.

Rental Management, the award-winning monthly magazine dedicated to the success of your equipment rental business, last week unveiled a revamped look for its website, The new design and feel are intended to more closely align all of the products and services under the RMGroup banner, including Rental Management, supplements, Rental Pulse and the group’s custom publishing program.

“We relaunched Rental Pulse and earlier this year and the next step was to freshen the look, and improve the navigation and usability of, We now intend to continue to evolve the site by adding more enhancements and online content as we move forward” says Wayne Walley, Rental Management’s editor. Rental Management also is the official publication of the American Rental Association (ARA).

[Rental Pulse]
[Rental Management]

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Spring Cleaning At It’s Easiest: Get Your Lawn In Shape

March 15, 2010 7 comments

It’s that time of year again. You know the 3 week period when everyone in Texas has the desire to get outdoors and get their lawn back in shape.  I say 3 week period because here in Texas we go from low 60’s to high 90’s in just about that amount of time.   Below is a list of a few items that may need to be addressed and the recommended equipment to address those items that may need to be addressed and here at Aztec Rental we have the equipment to address those items that need to be addressed.  Got all that, great glad to hear it. 

Aztec Rental has all the equipment possibly needed for your Spring preparation and in grand fashion below you will find some suggestions from the experts in absolutely no particular order.

Tillers. When it comes to gardening equipment, the most popular rental unit is the tiller. Tilling is the act of loosening or breaking up earth to make it suitable for planting. Done manually, this could take several laborious days. Manual soil preparation requires removal of existing sod and digging up and turning over the dirt beneath with a shovel, breaking down clumps with a hoe and then combing the area with a rake to remove stones and other debris. Often after turning the soil, compost and other beneficial material is then incorporated into the dirt to make nutrient rich soil fit for planting. Tillers utilize powered tines or blades that spin rapidly to pulverize the earth into a loose soil suitable for planting in a fraction of the time and with far less effort.

Sod cutting. Starting a new lawn from seed is the most commonly utilized method of establishing turf, but even under the best weather conditions and proper care, there is no guarantee that all of the seed will germinate and grow. Growing new sod from seed also can take months. For instant gratification, there’s turf sod replacement. The sod can be laid down, tapped in and watered.

Dethatchers/turf rakes. Thatch is a communion of dead grass, roots and other matter that builds up in a lawn over time. It’s relatively common and collects on most lawns at some time or another. In time, thatch matter becomes stacked and then packs down or mats and causes healthy grass blades to become stressed and weakened to the point that they thin and eventually die. The easiest and most thorough method of removing thatch is to use a dethatcher or powered turf rake. The dethatcher makes quick work of lifting grass-choking thatch from the surface level allowing the soil and grass to breathe and attain moisture and nutrients.

Aerators. Aerators revitalize lawns by opening the soil for more effective penetration of air, moisture and nutrients. Aeration also helps to reduce soil compaction. Less compaction means a healthier root system. The lawn will become more tolerant to heat, drought and traffic, and will be more disease-resistant. Engine-powered walk-behind aerators are the norm for efficient and less labor-intensive lawn aeration.

Article On How & When To Use a Lawn Aerator

You see here at Aztec Rental we undoubtedly make your job easy which results in a first class lawn, a happy spouse, and the ability to accomplish all this within the 3 week window referenced above.  No Thanks required….that’s just the way we roll here at Aztec Rental.

[Tillers, Sod Cutters, Lawn Aerators, Dethatcher Rentals]
[Lawn Aerator – When & How To Aerate Your Lawn]

Backfilled: RER – Rental Equipment Register

March 12, 2010 24 comments

Backfilled:  A recognition of people or companies  that have linked us, tweeted about us, or mentioned us.  Want to get your website or blog on The Backfill?  Just link our posts, website or even retweet our posts and tell everyone how awesome we are. Rocket science it is not, but the awesome part is a requirement!

Basically, we just want to say thanks and maybe put in a good word for you. 

Featured on Backfilled: [ why? ]

RER is the Voice of the Industry

RER has been the acknowledged source of information on the rental industry since 1957. Editor Michael Roth is an expert in the industry and has authored hundreds of feature articles, visited hundreds of rental centers and manufacturers, and written thousands of news stories. He leads an awardwinning editorial team that delivers hard-hitting industry news—from fast breaking stories about major players to new product launches and marketing strategies.

Integrated & Innovative Marketing Solutions

RER provides totally integrated marketing programs giving marketers access to rental professionals wherever they search for suppliers or business information. RER magazine, its Web site, the RER Reports and RER Product Wire E-newsletters, online and print Buyer’s and Rate Guides, Industry Calendar of Events, focused Supplements and Special Reports all serve the information needs of rental professionals in different ways and give marketers innovative ways to reach their audience.

Circulation with Buying Power

RER reaches 21,204 subscribers that spend $21.8 billion on rental industry equipment annually. This circulation is comprised of individuals responsible for the greatest amount of business potential in each important market segment—providing advertisers with the largest and most valuable audience.

[RER] – Rental Equipment Register
[ @RERmagazine ] – RER on twitter

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Fly Like An Eagle, Or At Least Get Your Job Done

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Ever had a task of cleaning a window on a 20 story office building?  How about changing that light bulb in a vaulted ceiling, which was a great idea when building the house, but now quite the dilemma?  Perhaps cleaning the graffiti at the top of the local water tower, is unfortunately your mission.  Maybe it is just good old fashion construction that requires you to be in the air.   

As we understand it, you were not made to fly; if you were you would be an Eagle.  Obviously an Eagle you’re not, so leave it to Aztec Rental to get those clodhoppers of yours airborne.  Aztec Rental has numerous options of aerial lifts to accomplish your goals that can go a little beyond sea level. Whether it is scissor lifts, boom lifts, personnel lifts, or scaffolding – we got you covered.   

The bottom line, If the job at hand requires aerial lifts it’s probably in your best interest to soar like and Eagle with Aztec Rental, rather than flop around like a turkey with the others. 

The Eagle has landed.

Renting is made easy with [Aztec Rental].
[Aerial Lift Rentals]

Daily Fill: Headlines & Industry News

March 8, 2010 Leave a comment
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Equipment: Should I Rent or Buy

February 19, 2010 3 comments

It starts with what is right for you and your company.  In the majority of cases renting equipment is more beneficial to your company and bottom line.  Renting equipment from Aztec Rental gives you the luxury of always using the correct piece of equipment for the job, instead of “making do” with what you own.  Having the “right” equipment for the job makes you more efficient and productive at each job. 

So it’s the age old dilemma of “Why would I rent the equipment when I can just purchase it, and have access to it without having to pay rent”   In theory this is correct.  However, have you ever thought of repair costs, maintenance costs, and depreciation costs associated with owning equipment.  These costs alone can ultimately end up increasing the original cost of the equipment substantially. 

Now don’t get us wrong purchasing equipment is without a doubt the right decision in some cases.  If you’re in a streamline business where every job is a mirror to previous jobs then purchasing the equipment to complete these jobs is a great idea.  In addition, you now have depreciation or “business deductions” at the end of the year.

Should I Rent or Should I Buy?  Great question and the only intellectual answer is “It Depends.”  Below are a few points of interest for both sides.

Benefits of Renting Equipment

  • No Repair or Service Costs:  Your company does not endure costs it takes to properly maintain equipment like; mechanics, repair facility, parts inventory, or regular maintenance parts.  Aztec Rental takes on all costs of maintaining equipment. 


  • No Down Time: If your own equipment breaks down on a job you will be shut down until the unit is repaired.  We don’t have to tell you, but time is money. Aztec Rental will have a mechanic on site or swap out your equipment which produces essentially no down time.


  • Equipment Cost: No real equipment costs to affect your bottom line.  Renting a piece of equipment is much less expensive than buying that same unit.  You put rental costs into bids to offset that expense, which produces a “no cost” on equipment for your company.  This In turn preserves your company’s capital, providing you the opportunity to invest it in avenues that will help your company grow.


  • Cost of Ownership: Renting relieves you or your company of all costs associated with owning equipment.  There will be no inventory costs, licensing/registration costs, or transportation cost.  Renting will save you the time and cost of advertising and equipment preparation when you go to sell the unit.


  •  No Storage: Storing or warehousing equipment can be a hassle and very costly.


  • Up to Date: Renting the equipment will allow you to constantly utilize a piece of equipment that is current and on the cutting edge of technology. When owning a piece of equipment the time comes when your equipment is outdated. 


Benefits of Buying Equipment

  •  It’s YOUR Equipment:  There is a benefit of knowing something is “yours” and you are the only one who has utilized the equipment.  It has not been abused or neglected at any time.
  • Availability: You never have to put out any effort to locate a piece of equipment.  You have access to it when you need it.
  • Deduction: This is huge come end of the year.  Depreciation/Inventory costs are always a big plus come tax season.

Whether you decide to rent your equipment or buy your equipment, Aztec Rental carries top named brands and keeps our rental fleet current to ensure you are getting quality equipment.  Combine quality equipment with our superior service and you get a company that is unmatched.

So is renting or buying equipment the right answer for you and your company?