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Ain’t No Party Like A Social Media Party!

September 8, 2010 7 comments

Pretty sure that statement isn’t true but we are going with it for the purposes of this post.

We were approached by Rental Management, the official magazine of the American Rental Association, about writing an article on our social media efforts.  We are happy to say, Rental Management thought enough of the article we put together to publish the piece in the September issue of Rental Management.

For your pleasure…or maybe ours, here is a section and the link to the full article on

For the past few years, Aztec Rental Center, a construction equipment rental company in Houston, has been looking for innovative and cost effective ways to increase sales and drive more traffic to our website. In doing so, we’ve learned that leveraging different mediums and joining conversations already taking place online can fill this need and produce continued success. The proper kind of attention and exposure gives you the opportunity to promote your company and inform current and potential customers about your business.

In order for a company to advance, you must adapt — and quickly. The explosion of social media in the past few years means information is constantly at your fingertips, but it also means what was news three hours ago is often times no longer relevant. Regardless of whether or not social mediums like Facebook are around 10 years from now, right now they’re effective tools for spreading your message and, even better, they’re free.

The purpose of viral marketing is to create a symbiotic relationship between an organization and its community. In the past, many establishments have been apprehensive to use sites such as Facebook and blogs as they offer no real unit of measurement in regard to the effectiveness of a specific campaign or overall success of any particular marketing strategy. However, the rapid shift to social media websites to market and promote products, causes and companies has made the presence on such media a necessity. As viral marketing has become more pronounced, it is important to focus on why it exists and, more importantly, how to develop your message and tools to make the most of this new medium.

Read the full article: The Blog Approach

Special thanks to Rental Management and the ARA for enjoying our blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page and spreading the word of how awesome we are!


Repeal The IRS 1099 Provision of The Health Care Bill?

August 20, 2010 20 comments

ARA’s vice president for government affairs John McClelland urges you to repeal the IRS 1099 provision.

The much loved August recess is upon us here in the nation’s Capitol and — except for a brief return by the House this past Tuesday to pass yet another spending bill — members of both the House and Senate are at home until Sept. 14. While it is true that some members of Congress will take a brief vacation or participate in a “fact-finding” trip, most will be hard at work campaigning for the upcoming election. That means they actually will be looking for opportunities to see and talk to you, their constituents. While I know there are probably a lot of things on your minds that you would like to say to your senator or representative, I am going to ask you to be single-minded if and when you get an opportunity to have a face-to-face encounter with one or more of your lawmakers: talk to them about the total repeal of the IRS 1099 provision of the health care bill.

Why the IRS 1099 provision of the health care bill needs repeal.

Just in case you have forgotten, one of the provisions — Section 9006 — of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was signed into law earlier this year requires all businesses to begin issuing IRS 1099 forms to any business that receives goods or services worth more than $600 in a given tax year. Unless this section is repealed, it is estimated that 40 million taxpaying entities will be subject to this provision, which will create an enormous burden on businesses, governments and nonprofit entities throughout the nation. The House has already seen the light on this, but the Senate, where the provision originated, is proving to be harder to convince that the 1099 reporting mandate is just plain bad and a job-killing policy that needs to be relegated to the dustbin of legislative history.

Read Full Article: View from Washington, D.C.: Take action, demand repeal of the 1099 provision

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Rental Pulse Gets A Face Lift

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Rental Pulse revamps website, with a new look.

Welcome to the new look for Rental Pulse. It may look a little different, but it still delivers our complete coverage of all segments of the equipment rental industry as well as risk management tips, American Rental Association (ARA) news and much more.

P.S. Thank You, we are fans of the new look over the old.

[Rental Pulse]

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ARA – The Rental Show Feb. 7-10

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The annual American Rental Association (ARA) “Rental Show” is just around the corner.

Rental Show logo

See new products, full product lines, and get “show specials” on equipment.

The Rental Show
February 7-10
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida