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Snapper NXT Mowers: The “NXT” Generation Of Mowers

March 9, 2010 4 comments

Introducing the new Snapper NXT mower line.  Snapper asked thousands of everyday users what they were looking for and needed in a lawn mower.  Snapper used those answers and suggestions to develop the blueprint for the NXT mower line.

The Lawnmower You Designed

Snapper started with a blank sheet of paper and a singular goal: To create new mowers that provide our best mowing experience ever.

To get there, Snapper asked you and thousands of other homeowners what you liked and didn’t like about your mowers. In collaboration with BMW Group DesignWorks U.S.A., Snapper conducted extensive and sophisticated consumer research that can be reduced to this question: Describe the ultimate lawnmower?

From The Snapper Research Center to Your Backyard

After countless hours of interviews and observations, Snapper engineers and designers spent three years incorporating what we learned from you into dozens of prototype mowers. We tested and re-tested them and then engineered key findings into the final product.

The results are nothing short of groundbreaking. These units start with the user and end with the user. Thanks to your input, every feature, every dimension and every control has been nuanced from the operator’s point of view.

Beginning with their revolutionary push button starting system, the Snapper NXT redefines the grass cutting experience. Never before has a lawn mower been so responsive, so intelligent, so comfortable and so powerful. The Snapper NXT is your lawn mower and the next generation of Snapper.

Snapper NXT Lawn Tractors

  • Push Button Starting System
  • Ultra-Tight Turning Radius
  • Electric Height of Cut Switch
  • Revolutionary Cutting System
  • Easy-to-Read Digital Interface
  • Adjustable Ergonomic, Breathable Seat
  • Bright LED Headlights
  • Advanced Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 23 or 27 HP Engines

The Snapper NXT riding mower delivers innovation that starts with the push of a button. From sleek, automotive-inspired styling to innovative control, display and cutting systems, the Snapper NXT riding mower makes your mowing experience second-to-none.

The Snapper NXT lawn tractor brings it all together and puts you on the cutting edge. It’s our easiest starting, best cutting tractor ever — for the ultimate mowing experience.

Snapper NXT Walk Behind Mower

  • Push Button Starting System
  • ” REACT” Variable Speed Drive
  • Revolutionary Cutting System
  • 3-in-1 Mower Capability
  • Electronic Maintenance Minder
  • Single Point Height of Cut Lever
  • Easy Change Handle Height
  • Briggs & Stratton Professional Series Engine

    The Snapper NXT 22″ rear wheel drive walk-behind mower shares the same consumer-driven DNA as the NXT riding mower. From the push button starting system to the REACT™ Drive System, Professional Series™ engine, the NXT walk-behind has significant advantages over a traditional push mower. It delivers a seamless mowing experience second to none.

    Don’t settle for a conventional push mower. The Snapper NXT walk-behind mower’s revolutionary new cutting system and redesigned, aerodynamic deck provide our most precise, most even cut ever — each time you mow.

Contact Aztec Rental for a quote on the Snapper NXT Mower Line.

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