Temporary Fence; Providing Job Site or Event Safety and Control

March 1, 2012 6 comments

Temporary Fencing:
If you haven’t thought about using it, how it can be a benefit to you or your company or even not sure what it is, let The Backfill try to clear the muddy water for you.

Portable fencing is a sturdy affordable asset that can be used in many applications from complying with building and safety codes on construction sites to crowd control.  In some areas a fencing perimeter is required by law around project sites. Temporary fencing can also help prevent theft and outside injury while providing overall control and safety for construction sites, special events or home renovations.

Adapts To You:
Fencing is versatile in installation, configuration and set up locations. Whether you site is on a hard surface, such as concrete, where stands are used or softer surface, such as grass, and an in-ground installation can be used; temporary fencing can be erected to fit your sites requirements.

Purchasing or building fence is costly and time-consuming. When you add in the volume of pieces and its space requirements, storing it is a hassle and can be costly, which is just not feasible. This is where rental companies become your source as they alleviate these problems. A phone call is all it takes to have fencing delivered and installed at your job site or event. [ Temporary Fence Rental ]

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 Ideal Applications:

  • Construction/Job Sites
  • Landscape Projects
  • Paving Projects
  • Home Construction/Renovation
  • Crowd Control
  • Special Events
  • Outdoor Retail Areas
  • Disaster Relief Zones

Texas Moves Into The “Friends Zone” With Subcontractors

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Texas is showing a friendlier attitude toward subcontractors. The American Subcontractors Association named Texas the state with the most improved public-policy environment for construction subcontractors in 2011.

Drawing from the American Subcontractors Association’s (ASA) report, “The Policy Environment in the States,” Texas’ ranking among states rose to No. 10 from No. 29 in terms of the public-policy environment in all 50 states.

Sewer Cameras Put An Eye On The Problem

February 20, 2012 3 comments

Sewer Camera & Pipe Locator Rental

See what you’ve been missing – not just in sewer lines, but in your bank account. The Gen-Eye video pipe inspection and location systems are real money makers for you because you’ll know what the problem is, where it is, and how deep to dig. It keeps your costs down, your quotes competitive, and your customers happy. [ General ]


More Info On Sewer Camera & Line Locator Rental

2010 Produces Construction Employment Decline In 36 States

January 26, 2011 5 comments


Thirty-six states lost construction jobs in 2010 as the industry shrank by 93,000 employees nationally, the Associated General Contractors of America reported in an analysis of state employment data released today by the Labor Department. The figures underscore the challenges facing the construction industry and echo the results of the construction industry outlook the association released yesterday.

Full Article: Construction Employment Declines in 36 States During Past Year

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Lawnmower Man Steve Trades In His Ride For A Scissor Lift

January 7, 2011 3 comments

Everybody remembers Steve, the “I know my rights” lawnmower man,  If not checkout his trilogy.  Well he is back!  He upgraded his transportation to a scissor lift and you guessed it had another run in with the law. 

Oh, we do not recommend using a scissor lift as a road or highway vehicle. Just Saying.

[Steve’s trilogy: pulled over driving a lawnmower and tasered by the cops]

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Top 10 OSHA Safety Violations In 2010

December 15, 2010 1 comment

In 2010 OSHA issued over 94,000 citations for safety related violations.  They announced the top 10 violations and causes at the National Safety Council’s 2010 Congress and Expo.  These top 10 offences accounted for nearly half of the total violations for the year.  At the top of the list: scaffolding, fall protection, hazard communication, and respiratory protection violations.  

OSHA’s Most Cited Safety Violations of 2010

  1. Scaffolding: 9,093 violations – Scaffolding violations and accidents are most commonly attributed to improper use that results in the plank giving way, the employee falling off, or an object falling on top of the person.
  2. Fall Protection: 6,771 violations – Fall protection violations occur whenever a person is 4 feet above the ground without proper safety measures. Fall protection must be provided at four feet in general industry, five feet in maritime and six feet in construction
  3. Hazard Communication: 6,378 violations – Manufacturers and movers of hazardous materials must evaluate, label, and provide MSDS for each product.
  4. Respiratory Protection: 3,803 violations – Respirators help to protect against unhealthy breathing environments. This can be caused by insufficient oxygen, dust, vapors, gasses, fiberglass and more.
  5. Ladders: 3,072 violations – 8 percent of all occupational fatalities are due to falls.
  6. Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout/Tagout: 3,321 violations – “Lockout-Tag out” refers to locking the on/off power switch while working with high current electrical devices.
  7. Electrical – Wiring Methods: 3,079 violations – Electrical hazards are present for those who work directly and also indirectly with or near dangerous electrical lines.
  8. Powered Industrial Trucks: 2,993 violations – Many employees are injured by driving powered industrial trucks off of loading docks, into ditches or by being struck by trucks while working.
  9. Electrical – General: 2,556 violations – Working with electricity is always hazardous. Many employees are injured during routine electrical maintenance and install.
  10. Machine Guarding: 2,364 violations – Any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be labeled and safeguarded.
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October Shows Increase In Construction Spending

December 6, 2010 1 comment

Associated General Contractors of America reports construction spending up 0.7 percent in October. Rise was driven by power projects and public construction.  Still waiting on a significant private sector increase.

Total construction spending increased by 0.7 percent in October, driven largely by growing demand for power projects and public construction, the Associated General Contractors of America noted today in an analysis of new Census Bureau data. The new data, however, indicated continued weakness in many construction categories, including private nonresidential and single family construction, association officials observed.

Full Press Release: AGC of America

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